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Microsoft APAC
AI for Accessibility
Virtual Hackathon

Together, let’s harness the power of AI to amplify human capability, with and for the more than one billion people around the world with a disability.

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Microsoft APAC
AI for Accessibility
Virtual Hackathon
Live Launch


October 16th

Registration close

October 30th

Mission canvas due

November 6th

Final presentation

November 18th

Winners announcement

November 20th

According to WHO over a billion people,  about 15% of the world's population, experience some form of disability

AI can empower people with disabilities with tools that support independence and productivity, as technology rapidly changes the way we live, learn, and work.

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How can we positively impact the employment rate for people with disabilities through more intelligent technology?

Image of a person using a laptop on a wheelchair

Daily Life

How can we increase access to technology for people with disabilities while also decreasing the cost of such technology?

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Communication & Connection

How can AI help improve the speed, accuracy, and convenience of communication for people with disabilities?

Microsoft APAC are proud to host the first virtual AI for Accessibility hackathon for business partners, developers, start-ups and universities in countries

New Zealand
South Korea
Sri Lanka

Last year's winners
‍Microsoft APAC
AI for Accessibility

Win the hackathon in three simple steps

Step 1

Register and
join the community

Each team can include up to five members and the team lead must register all members using the "Register Your Team" button. Registration will be closed on 30th October 2020 (midnight)

You will ideate and hack on real-life problem statements provided by non-profit organisations. Alternatively, you may address an accessibility challenge of your own.

Stay connected and active by joining the community. There are lots of prizes to be won along the way.

Step 2

Submit your
mission canvas

You can qualify to the final round by submitting a mission canvas for your solution. We’ve organised a training session on how to build the most impactful mission canvas. Do make sure to check the schedule page and attend the session.

The mission canvas will be open for submission between 1st November 2020 – 6th November 2020.

Use your creative skills to design the best mission canvas. You can submit an image, video or even an interactive website. You are only limited by your imagination.

Mission Canvas Model example

Step 3

Present your
proof of concept

This will be a dragon’s den style pitch where each team will have an opportunity to virtually present their final solution to a stream of regional judges.

Judges will also have an opportunity to ask your team questions to further clarify the idea.

The final presentations will commence on 18th November 2020 and the winners will be announced on 20th November 2020.